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Info/Research By: Michael Urban



…Hotel/Hostel rates based on the check in date of April 14 and check out date of April 17th. All rates are per person, per night unless otherwise noted.



Seven Days Suitesseven days 2

728 East 10th Street
Brooklyn NY 11230

Phone | (718) 421-0786

It’s a bit of a hike at 9.8 miles from the Brooklyn Bowl, but it came highly recommended by the venue and if you click the link above you will see why. There are only about a half dozens rooms total (yes some are still available as of 3/18), but all come with their own kitchen and bathroom in addition to all your normal amenities. At only ~$79 for a single room/bed and ~$109 for a double for some this will make sense.



YMCA GreenpointYMCA1

99 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone | (718) 389-3700

Yes you are reading that correct, Y M C A. This hostel is listed as a ‘hip & trendy’ place to stay in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn, New York. In my opinion this is one of the better options and is absolutely the closest and easiest way to get to the venue (Bk Bowl) each night.

The Greenpoint YMCA is only 0.5 miles from the Brooklyn Bowl, a short 10 minute walk if that.
Two choices of rooms each with 1-2 beds per room (shared bathrooms), TV in each room, breakfast is included and served daily. Also included are your typical maid services, along with your normal YMCA features like a swimming pool and state of the art fitness center.
~$52 for 1 person and 1 bed, ~$86 for 2 people and 2 beds (essentially your renting the whole room) and a $40 key deposit is required which obviously you get back upon return of the key. Again these rates are per night.



New York Loft HostelNYLofthosel1

249 Varet St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone | (718) 366-1351

This one is a gem, BUT it’s also a solid 2.3 miles from the Brooklyn Bowl which equals about a 40 minute walk.
~$45 per night per bed in a 3 bed room, shared bathroom.
~$110 gets you the whole room, all 3 beds and a private bathroom.

Communal kitchen, lounge and game room are all included as well as a free breakfast served every morning.
%10 of your total stay is required to make a reservation.
**By clicking the link above you can check out detailed info on all the different style rooms available as well as A LOT more pictures, etc.**



B Hotel and HostelBhostel1

341 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone | (718) 486-0004

This place seems like a good one, but is pretty “bare bones” are far as the rooms themselves go. Overall its nice, clean, cheap and close by at 1.5 miles from the Brooklyn Bowl which is about a 25 minute walk.

~$39 per bed per night, 2 beds per room.
Private rooms available
Communal bathrooms
No breakfast included, communal kitchen and TV/Chill lounge
No money down to hold room.
**Again click on the link above for a lot more pictures and a complete list of amenities **



Sumner Hotel | BrooklynRENOIR

22 Sumner Place
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone | (718) 574-1500

This is your very average and typical city hotel. Comes with all your normal hotel amenities and a free breakfast is served every morning.
The Sumner is 2.0 miles from the Brooklyn Bowl, 40 minute walk.
Rooms start at ~$100 per night + taxes/fees






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