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Words By: Sean McVee

Photos By: Tara Judge



It was an absolutely beautiful Saturday in historic Philadelphia as fans of The Disco Biscuits began to prepare for the third and final night of City Bisco 2014 at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts. This was the third City Bisco the band has hosted, but it was the first where they have performed three different nights at three different venues. The band started it off at the Trocadero on Thursday, September 25th, hit the classic Biscuits venue The Electric Factory the following night, and ended at The Mann Center on Saturday, September, 27th. I wasn’t fortunate enough to make it to the Trocadero but was very happy to have made it to the Electric Factory and The Mann Center again._MG_3897_1024x667

I cannot help but sense an exceptional amount of energy every time I visit Philadelphia to see The Disco Biscuits, as they seem to always bring an extra amount of vigor and vivaciousness with them when they play in the city that they call home. Although I heard some rough reviews about the Trocadero show, they seemed to be heating up and honing in on that Disco Biscuits magic by the second set at the Electric Factory. The “stage was set” for an epic third night at The Mann.


The supporting acts scheduled on Saturday included “The Godfather of Disco” Giorgio Moroder, Risky Disko, and Orchard Lounge (which to many peoples disappointment was unable to make it due to flight issues.) Although some were a little upset about missing an Orchard Lounge set, most were happy to hear The Disco Biscuits were going to step up and play a third set billed as The Perfume.

The bands alter ego took the stage promptly at 7 o’clock and started off with a funky “devo” style of “Frog Legs,” a biscuits classic from 1995. The Perfume also played an awesome “dub style” “Mindless Dribble,” and a rarely played crowd favorite “Wawa,” which is a disco version of another Disco Biscuits classic, “7-11.” They wrapped up the first set with a “Pillin it High(er)” and a unique but fun rock version of “Kitchen Mitts” to close the set.

The energy was through the roof as The Disco Biscuits came back on stage after a quick wardrobe change, acting as if they hadn’t seen anyone since the previous night. The second set started off with a personal favorite of mine “Little Lai” and had the crowd bouncing around the venue again very quickly. They continued with some older classics such as “Caterpillar” and “Little Betty Boop” but also threw in a newer “On Time” before finishing the first set out by going back into “Little Lai.” I was extremely impressed with the way The Disco Biscuits were performing, and it seemed like they were heating up, and quickly.

For the third and final set, I made my way from the front right of the venue to just behind the sound board area in the center of the venue in hopes of procuring the best spot possible for Johnny R Goode’s (The Disco Biscuits lighting director) masterpiece. The next hour and a half or so was some of the best Disco Biscuits I’ve seen in quite some time. They started off with a smooth and spacey “Crickets” and soon were tearing up an absolutely amazing “42” that had everyone on their feet, mesmerized by the synchronized lights and sounds. The band never slowed down from there, jamming into “Orch Theme” which led to an intense “Tempest” that flowed quite perfectly into a smooth classic “Aquatic Ape,” which soon jammed back into the last bit of “42.” After a quick announcement about The Disco Biscuits New Years Eve plans, the band closed out the night with a fantastic “Helicopters” encore.


Overall, I think the show on Saturday night was one of the better shows I’ve ever seen The Disco Biscuits play. I felt they put together three really solid set-lists and flowed in and out of their jams very nicely. The energy was palpable, and the guy’s looked like they were having a blast up there, as was the crowd down below. City Bisco allows a wonderful look into where The Disco Biscuits started and what they have become today, and after nearly twenty years together, they have grown into a miraculous spectacle to behold.







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