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Boyd Tinsley’s “Faces In The Mirror” featuring actor Ryan Orr



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Words by: Jessica Shagalski

Of course, being a huge DMB fan myself, I was enthused to see what this film had to offer. I soon came to realize that it was much more than a “fan fueled” motion picture. Faces in the Mirror was a spiritual journey created with love and filled with raw emotion.


Boyd Tinsley, the violinist from the Dave Matthews Band, has been an inspiration to many. I can recall numerous times standing starry eyed in a crowd of thousands, staring up at a stage where the sounds of the violin hit me and soothed my soul. But this night was different. Sitting in a small crowd of people in Denver, Colorado – I experienced how Tinsley has taken his creative side to a new level. For the past few years, he has been the forefront of a new movie, Faces in the Mirror. Tinsley wrote and produced the movie and composed the music through collaborations with others from his second family: the Dave Matthews Band.

Of course, being a huge DMB fan myself, I was enthused to see what this film had to offer. I soon came to realize that it was much more than a “fan fueled” motion picture. Faces in the Mirror was a spiritual journey created with love and filled with raw emotion.

The movie emphases the life journey of a man named Ben. He was returning home to lay his father to rest. As he was approaching this crossroad in life, flashbacks of his childhood filled the screen, which brought a charge of emotions to the viewers. Once can conclude that as a child, Ben’s father was rarely present in his life. This is depicted in a scene where young Ben was told his father would be home for his birthday. When he found out, he ran to the train station waiting for his father to arrive. People got off in the train, spurring in every direction as he stood there and waited for nothing. He walked home sulking, sat up against a tree in the rain and waited. Although his father was the only person that Ben invited to his birthday party, a call came in that surely would disappoint him once again: he would not be present. The artistic viewpoint of Faces in the Mirror gave the movie a sense of overwhelming sorrow as viewers connected with Ben. Different characters pass through in various points of his life that changed his being.

As the movie came to a conclusion, the lights stayed on and Tinsley had an eye opening question and answer session with the crowd. The first question, “What was your inspiration behind the creation of the movie?” really opened up our eyes to what Tinsley has been feeling since the day his band mate, LeRoi Moore passed away due to an ATV accident. He bowed his head and started his answer of with the underlying factor: pain. As evident in the movie, the main character is filled with grief due to the lack of connection he made with his father throughout his life as his father passes. Ben remains expressionless and music guides the way, leaving interpretation to the heart and mind of the viewer. It was very easy to see that his heart remained heavy when discussing Moore. The sense of loss within him fueled his motivation to create such a touching movie. It was clear that Moore was more than a band mate to him. He was a friend, a brother, and overall – an inspiration.

Tinsley also went on to discuss how the movie was a journey above all. It wasn’t created overnight. He, along with others who worked on the film, spent countless hours editing the movie to give it substance and meaning. He stressed that as they began, there really was no ending point. Each day came with new meaning, new understandings, and new direction.

Fans were delighted to joke around with Boyd Tinsley as one man asked if he ever wanted to just tell Dave Matthews to shut up. A gleaming point in the evening was when a man in the audience disguised his voice and asked Tinsley why he swears so much as a musician. As Tinsley answered the question in a perplexed state, the man laughed and revealed who he actually was: Sean Kelly, founder of the band The Samples, and an old friend of Tinsley’s. The two men were reunited and welcomed each other with an embrace. The reuniting of friends created a beautiful moment which filled the air with smiles and positive vibes.

After the Q&A session, the band Euforquestra had the opportunity to get the crowd moving with their upbeat sounds. Boyd Tinsley and Sean Kelly also graced the stage together. The soothing sounds of the Boyd on the violin, some pizzicato (which to me is the most beautiful sound in the world), and Kelly on guitar lit up the stage of Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Their stage presence together had the crowd in awe and everyone danced the night away.

According to the Tinsley on the Faces in the Mirror site, “This is a film that’s not only meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced. An experience of music, visuals and emotion. It’s like a dream.” It’s true. Check it out if it is screening in a city near you! You can learn more about the film here:










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